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Our services: competitive, reliable and tailor-made

Ben Hunt Planning offers professional and cost-effective services in the town and country planning sector.   The focus is on providing added value to the process, whether you are a private individual wanting to extend your home; or a multi-national company seeking permission for a major development.


This usually begins with a clear, frank assessment so that you can be confident of moving in the right direction.  The main areas we cover are:


Planning appraisals - looking at potential development sites, assessing the options and prospects for success

Planning applications -  preparing planning statements and plans, bringing together the work of other specialists to put the best scheme forward

Planning appeals - presenting your case to the Planning Inspectorate where the local authority has refused your application

Planning Enforcement - offering advice on how to resolve problems where the local authority may be seeking to take planning enforcement action

Objections - you may be concerned about a development nearby, and need advice on how to effectively oppose it

Local Plans - putting possible development sites forward for allocation, arguing for or against plan policies

Minerals and waste - a specialist area of planning we cover


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on 07800 726 490 or  0115 8411 037; or use our contact form.

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